SBT_NEW_WRITERS_20_B&WOriginally from Northern Italy, Luca Serra has been living in Scotland for six years. From an early age, he has been interested in creative activities such as writing and painting. He has dedicated himself to writing for about ten years and has so far written two novels and various short stories in Italian. He started writing in English two years ago. After working as a translator in Glasgow, he moved into teaching English as a foreign language. He also holds creative writing courses for Italian speakers in Edinburgh.

Luca is particularly interested in contemporary social issues such as immigration, identity, and the divisive politics of today. Through his writing, he aims to explore the challenges and experiences that come with moving to new, unfamiliar places and how the characters establish their identity and purpose in those places. His characters are often misfits and minorities who pull out the remarkable and, sometimes, absurd in ordinary, day-to-day lives.

In January 2020 he received the Scottish New Writers Award for Fiction.

He is currently working on a collection of short stories around the theme of immigration. He is also working on his third novel, “Glasgow smiles better”, which follows the lives of four characters who tackle various issues such as mental health, visible differences and acceptance through forging a new community in each other.